Beckmen Crystal Law is a partnership between Beckmen Law, PC and Stephen A. Crystal, solely focused on the eSports and iGaming industry.

This practice area is uniquely positioned to address the complex and dynamic needs of our eSports/iGaming clientele. Our eSports/iGaming practice offers the expertise necessary to provide full service legal counsel to owners, teams, leagues, individual players, advertising companies, sponsors, and others involved in eSports/iGaming-related transactions and disputes.


Scott Beckmen
Managing Partner

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Stephen A. Crystal

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We advise our clients regarding the risks of litigation or enforcement actions. We also help our clients understand what options are available to them to protect their legal interests, such as threatening or initiating litigation.

About Us

We have immersed ourselves in this rapidly expanding industry, enabling us to be not only strategic advisors but also part of the culture of the eSports/iGaming industry. We can assist companies in the following areas that affect the eSports/iGaming industry:

For Organizations & Business

  • Formation of Entities
  • Labor/Employment
  • Drafting & Negotiating Sponsorship Agreements
  • Player Appearance Contracts
  • Media/Advertising/Promotions
  • Registering, Monitoring and Enforcing Intellectual
  • Property/Copyright/Trademark
  • Licensing & Distribution
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution

For Players and Gamers

  • Business and Charitable Entity Formation
  • Registering, Monitoring and Enforcing Intellectual
  • Property/Copyright/Trademark
  • Drafting and Negotiating Contracts, Endorsements, etc.
  • Advising on Business, Brand Management, IP and other eSports related matters

Our attorneys are admitted to practice in a number of states and federal courts, and are able to associate with local counsel in any jurisdiction. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge representing plaintiffs and defendants in trial and appellate courts.


Beckmen Crystal offers:

  1. Fixed project fees.  Legal and business advice doesn’t need to be different to any other service: we give you a quote to which we both agree and then stand by.  If we get it right, we both benefit.  If we get it wrong, you don’t lose out.
  2. Success fees.  We can be even more flexible in some situations.  For example, we may be able to offer deferred fees (i.e. nothing to pay now) until a deal or matter completes, then we charge our fees plus an agreed success fee on top.  Or we might simply agree with you to pay us what you think is reasonable.  The better we know each other, the more this kind of arrangement can work.
  3. Monthly retainers.  For longer term relationships, we can agree with you to handle all of the legal work in a given area for a monthly fee, which we can flex up or down with you as the work ebbs and flows.
  4. Participation  In the right situation and for the right client, we may offer business advisory services as part of a revenue share or equity participation arrangement.
  5. Hourly pricing.  We appreciate that there are situations (like litigation) where hourly rates might be necessary.  If that happens, we’ll talk through with you before charging you anything about how our fees will work and even then we will try to work as efficiently as possible.  In any event, it’s worth knowing our hourly rates are at a considerable discount to big law firm rates.

Strategic Legal Advice For A Rapidly Evolving Industry

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